5 Great Ways to Increase Your Instagram Reach 2023

The secret of Instagram success is getting more views. Unfortunately, your followers are not enough! You must somehow show up in the feeds of the countless target users who haven’t discovered your account yet.

Instagram decides who gets to see what content is in its way, and as a brand, it’s not always easy to understand how the algorithm works. So we did it for you and compiled our top 10 tricks to increase your Instagram views exponentially. Let’s dive!

This is what the Instagram algorithm wants:
In case you weren’t paying attention, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has announced that all video content on the platform will be available there.
Previously, Instagram had IGTV, Instagram Stories, regular embedded videos, and more. But now all videos will appear on the reels. Reels are a priority and whether you know how to do it or not, when you post videos on Insta it’s going to be a reel now.
Instagram Reels will appear more often in your Instagram feeds. If you’ve been an Instagram marketer for any length of time, you already know this: what the algorithm wants, the algorithm gets.
So if you’re looking to improve Instagram’s algorithm, you’ve come to the right place at Reels.

Participate in recent Instagram posts:
This helped me grow on Instagram from a young age.
This is part of my method to grow a new account to 1000 followers in 28 days! Search for hashtags relevant to you and your brand, and engage with the latest content that appears in your results. Interacting with lesser-known accounts makes them curious about you and has the same effect on their followers. Have you ever looked at the comments section of an Instagram post? I know I have it! If you’ve researched the right hashtags, engaging with recent posts can also help align your brand vision with other Instagram users.
To learn more about how to create a fantastic hashtag strategy on Instagram, read this article to start hashtagging like a pro! Also, you will find 200 of the best and most effective niche hashtags to help you increase the number of followers, comments, and likes on your Instagram profile.
Pro Tip: Remember that different hashtags work for different types of engagement and different audiences! Using them all is the best hashtag strategy to grow your following and reach organically.

Focus more on the battery:
Instagram Stories and static posts are great for your followers, but if you want to tap into untapped markets, try Instagram Reels. You may have noticed that posting to a reel instead of a static post gets a lot more views. Have you ever wondered why?
This is because people spend more time on the pulley area than on the main string. For the same reason, Instagram removed its IGTV section and rebuilt video content to make more space for reels.
Furthermore, Instagram itself has recognized the potential of Reels to capture the attention of Instagram users, which is why the social media giant is including Reels in its users’ feeds. How to get more views on Instagram Reels? Create punchy, informative (or entertaining) clips that look professional and use on-trend audio or contextual elements.

Think of your hashtags as SEO for your reels:
hashtags are an effective way to get views on Instagram Reels and help the algorithm understand your content. Think of it as SEO (search engine optimization). The algorithm checks the hashtags you use, analyzes them, and shares your video with the right audience.
For example, if you use hashtags like #southafricatravel and #wowsouthafrica, you tell Instagram that your post is about South Africa and your content will be shown to users in that country. Tip
: Don’t use broad, generic hashtags. Stick to highly relevant hashtags.

Also, don’t forget the SEO subtitles:
Instagram recently rolled out keyword searches in several countries, meaning the app is taking its first steps toward becoming a robust search engine. Your subheadings are stuffed with keywords. Therefore, when planning your content, be aware of the words you use and relate them to your niche.
For example, if you run a food-themed account that tracks delicious bagels from around the world, be sure to use keywords related to those topics in your subheadings to create relevant topic associations with your account.
What does this mean for Reel views?
The more content the algorithm can recommend to the right people, the more views you’ll get.

Dive into popular themes, formats, and soundtracks:
One of the most interesting things about Reels is the different trends that the creators come up with. Use popular themes, formats, and audio tracks to create your content. Popular sounds on the drums are particularly popular. Once the audio goes viral, you’ll see many YouTubers, influencers, and other accounts using it. If it works for your brand, don’t be afraid to get involved and put it to the test. Using a popular sound is a good idea because when many users interact with the same sound, the algorithm perceives it as something interesting and appealing. Later, more content will appear in the Reels stream using the same sounds.

As mentioned above, while following trends is important, it is important to be unique. do what you can do Create your interpretation of popular trends. For each popular format or soundtrack, think about how you can creatively apply it to your brand or industry. It’s more likely to entertain and engage your audience than the same old trend everyone sees on Instagram.
To follow the trends, follow @creators on Instagram. They regularly publish a Reels Trending Report with updates on the latest trends and popular music on the platform. You can also follow what other influencers and content creators are doing and learn from them.

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