Beauty Product Blogs in the UK

Beauty product blogs  can be an effective way of keeping up-to-date on all of the newest beauty products and trends, providing accurate reviews and recommendations from reliable sources.

Suzi Bonaldi, better known by her blog and YouTube channel as Hello October, is an established lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer in the UK.

The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is dedicated to spreading accurate information about skin products, acting as an invaluable guide in their skincare journey. Launched by Adrienne Sondag in 2011, the blog quickly reached a global audience while winning many awards – it offers an honest assessment of which products work and which don’t.

This blog offers in-depth reviews and trend analysis of beauty products and trends. In addition, expert makeup and skincare advice is also provided, along with recommendations of products best suited for various skin types. In addition, there is an impressive variety of high-end brands as well as budget options featured here.

UK-based blogger Amber has an uncanny knack of unearthing the perfect beauty products, from cleansing balms to beachy fragrances. She covers topics ranging from makeup and skincare products to lifestyle trends and sartorial experiments; her videos and blogs are popular with her followers, cementing her status as one of the premier beauty bloggers in her country.

This blog is an absolute must for anyone interested in clean beauty. Written by a certified clean living ambassador who cares deeply for both the environment and her readers’ wellbeing, she offers product reviews with detailed explanations about using natural and organic products in daily routines.

British Beauty Blogger

The British Beauty Blogger is a blog that specializes exclusively in beauty products from the UK. It offers makeup tutorials, reviews and tips. Content updates regularly with insights into new trends and products in the industry as well as videos covering skincare, haircare and more.

This London-based beauty blogger has been blogging for more than 10 years and brings with her extensive experience in both beauty and fashion industries. She enjoys a strong following among both fans and followers on social media and shares her favorite skincare and makeup products with them, helping them get more value out of their money spent.

Anna Newton is an award-winning content creator and the creator of The Anna Edit (formerly Vivianna Does Makeup). Her blog offers beauty tips, product recommendations and tutorials organized into categories. With an engaged following on YouTube and collaborations with major beauty brands, The Anna Edit is highly popular with readers and YouTube subscribers alike.

This beauty blogger stands out with their distinctive style and is an invaluable resource for all things makeup and beauty related. Her content is engaging, informative and never shies away from sharing her favorite products with viewers. Additionally, they possess an incredible talent for providing product explanations in an easily understandable format.


British beauty blogger Becky is an industry expert when it comes to perfume, makeup and skincare, so she knows what it takes to put their best face forward. Her blog provides industry insights, tips and advice, along with must-try products – be they luxury or high street brands – and always outlines whether or not they’re worth their hype. In addition, you may even catch her writing about social issues or current affairs from time to time – making Becky an indispensable read!

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Gemma’s Beauty Blog

Hannah Gale quickly rose to become one of the UK’s favourite beauty influencers after switching careers, quickly becoming an award-winning blogger and beauty influencer. Passionate about fashion, lifestyle and parenting alike, Hannah uses her website and social media accounts to post engaging beauty content ranging from skincare recommendations and haul videos; Hannah truly offers all things makeup and skincare under one roof!

Gemma Louise is one of the UK’s favorite beauty bloggers. Her blog and socials offer her followers useful information and gorgeous shots of her gorgeous makeup collection, from detailed product reviews to new cosmetic releases – sharing everything she currently owns with them all.

Jodie has earned an immense following of followers who eagerly seek her natural beauty tips and tricks, from skincare routines and seasonal must-haves, gift guides and facial therapy and massage services, medical skincare to nutrition – she truly stands out as an expert practitioner with 20 years of clinical experience!

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