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Many find it difficult to “toot their own horn.” Yet sharing positive news about your business is essential in spreading its name and building its reputation. Local media outlets typically look out for opportunities to feature positive stories about local companies in their newspapers or online; failure to do so would be negligent of them.

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Adweek is a business promotion news source that features articles and commentary from prominent marketers, celebrities, and business owners about marketing trends in marketing, advertising, media, and content marketing. Adweek provides reviews of high-profile campaigns as well as insights into new developments within content marketing.

Jeff Litvack has earned himself an approval rate in the top 5% of comparable CEOs on Comparably and stands just ahead of SmartBrief CEO Rick Stamberger in terms of approval rating. Additionally, 8 employees gave it an A+ rating on Culture; further strengthening its strong work environment reputation as well as its dedication to finding talent from all backgrounds within its industry.

Adweek, founded in 1979, is an award-winning marketing and media news service offering various platforms – online, weekly newspaper (print and iPad app), daily newsletters, social media updates, events and awards – for marketing professionals to stay abreast of marketing news and media issues. Coverage includes creative sides of advertising such as new campaigns or relationships between agencies and clients as well as global ads as well as account reviews.

Zippia provides an in-depth profile of Adweek, including salaries, political affiliations and employee data. This data comes from self-reported sources including employees or former employees as well as external research and sources – no representation or warranty can be made about its accuracy by Zippia or Adweek themselves.

Forbes CMO Network

Forbes is uniting the CMO community to meet their greatest challenges together. Their Forbes CMO Network hosts events and curates content for world’s top marketers to stay informed. In addition, it publishes their annual Forbes Most Influential CMOs list as well as other editorial initiatives.

Companies’ Chief Marketing Officers face many challenges today, such as increasing consumer trust and devising innovative strategies to expand their brands. The Forbes CMO Network strives to assist marketers in finding a balance between growth and consumer needs by emphasizing marketing’s role in sustainability and purpose as well as customer insights, data analytics and the human experience.

Forbes features expert contributors on its Marketing blog who are recognized for their creativity, enthusiasm, and knowledge. However, becoming a Forbes marketing blogger is no simple task – only those who excel can achieve this status.

Forbes announced recently that Seth Matlins has been named as its CMO Network’s new managing director. Matlins is an award-winning marketing executive and internationally acclaimed expert on values- and purpose-driven marketing who previously served as Executive VP Cultural Strategy & Insight at Hollywood agency 160Over90. As CMO Network MD he will oversee editorial, programming and content strategy and boast 25 years of working closely with and advising C-suite executives of global iconic brands.

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