Top 10 Games Like Free Fire In 2023

Ever since the ban on Chinese applications games like Free Fire, PUBG, and Tik Tok, gamers have been looking for reliable alternatives to the Battle Royale game. Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that offers engaging gameplay and adrenaline rush to players. It became the highest-grossing Battle Royale game in 2021, dethroning PUBG from the No.1 spot. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best Battle Royale games like FreeFire with similar features and gameplay. Keep scrolling below to know more. 

Best Games like Free Fire (Top FreeFire Alternatives)

Free Fire Max

Step into the adrenaline-fuelled universe of Free Fire Max. While FreeFire was banned by the Indian Government, its upgraded version FreeFire Max wasn’t on the list of banned apps. FreeFire Max is the upgraded version of the popular Battle Royale game with high-level graphics, more immersive sound effects, and an overall better gameplay experience. 

Moreover, with FreeFire’s Freelink technology, you can still play the game with FreeFire players from outside India. This is by far the best alternative to Free Fire if you are looking for similar gameplay and features. 

Pros Cons
Compatible with Low-end Devices Diamonds are expensive
Big Maps for Exploration Lacks modern weapons
Each character has a special skill

Battleground Mobile India

If you are a Battle Royale enthusiast, you must have heard about Keafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is the Indian version of the popular BR game PUBG Mobile. The game brings the features and gameplay of PUBG Mobile with new game modes and regular updates. 

Moreover, the game is tailored towards Indian players. However, that also means you won’t find players from other regions. But, if you are looking for a Battle Royale game with the features and gameplay of the original PUBG, you can choose the next game on our list. 

Pros Cons
Easy Controls No support for international players
Features and Gameplay like PUBG Mobile
Various Game Modes

PUBG: New State

If you are looking for an upgraded version of PUBG Mobile, you should consider PUBG: New State. It was launched as an alternative to Free Fire and PUBG Mobile and has amassed an active community of players. 

PUBG: New State offers a lot of features of PUBG mobile with new upgrades like the TROI map, new vehicles, weapons, and more. The game also provides new mechanics like drone calls and dodging. However, it is important to note that this is a graphic-intensive game that is best played on high-end devices. 

Pros Cons
High-Quality Graphics Not suitable for low-end devices
Small-scale Multiplayer Game Modes
New Mechanics

Call of Duty: Mobile

Every gamer has heard about Activision’s popular franchise- Call of Duty. The game was released for mobile platforms and offers a plethora of game modes. Moreover, the game also offers monthly content with new game modes, maps, events, and rewards. The game features some of the best graphics in the Battle Royale genre. If you are looking for games like Free Fire, you will be amazed by the various type of options you get in Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Pros Cons
High-quality Graphics Promotion of in-game items
Multiple Game Modes
Active Gaming Community


Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is another great alternative to FreeFire. The game has become a sensation among the younger audience. It was launched for mobile platforms in 2018. 

However, downloading the game is a hassle. Due to Epic Games’ legal battle with Google and Apple, the game is not available in either of the app stores. While Android users, can side-load the game, Apple users have to rely on cloud-based gaming services like GeForce. Moreover, the game is graphic-intensive and will require a high-end device to run smoothly. 

Pros Cons
Active Player Community Suitable for High-end devices
Immersive Graphics Not available on Play Store or App Store. 
Multiple Game Modes

Apex Legends Mobile

The mobile version of Apex Legends is another great alternative to Free Fire. It is a highly popular Battle Royale game that allows players to choose specific characters(Legends) and battle them out in a duo or trio. 

The gameplay and mechanics are similar to Free Fire where each Legend has its own specific abilities, parachutes onto a map, gathers resources, and fights to become the last man standing. It is a high-octane adrenaline-fueled Battle Royale game where even the slightest mistakes can cost you. 

Pros Cons
Compatible with Low-end Devices Lack of Game Modes
Strategic gameplay
Legends with specific abilities

ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall is another popular game like Free Fire that you should definitely play. The game boasts high performance even on low-end devices without compromising graphics and gameplay. Players have an option of choosing from 3 game modes- Classic, Survival, and Team Deathmatch. The game is available on both Android and PC and is a fun alternative to Free Fire. 

Pros Cons
Compatible with Low-end devices Lacks in Graphics
Multiple Game Modes
Wide Range of Skins and Clothing

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops is an online shooter game with futuristic weapons and a battle system. The gameplay is a blend of Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Titanfall and is suitable for both amateur and professional gamers. 

It is a CyberPunk shooter game that includes various modes like Infinity Ops, Recruit Saboteur, Assault, and Tank. The in-game multiplayer feature is great for meeting new players and players can even create their own clans and invite other players to join. 

Pros Cons
Futuristic Cyberpunk Shooter Lacks Sound Effects. 
Multiple Game Modes
Responsive gameplay


Zooba is a popular Battle Royale game with a twist. The game allows players to play as animals, each with their own special traits. The game features 45 players and there are over 20 different animals with special abilities to choose from. Players can also unlock and upgrade their characters to get an edge in battle. Zooba is the perfect game for players who are looking for a relaxing Battle Royale game that doesn’t include strategies and focus to win. It is one of the most fun and cartoonish Battle Royale games out there that is a must-try. 

Pros Cons
Good Graphics Visuals might feel cartoonish sometimes
Play as Animals
20+ characters

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is one of the best games like free fire for kids. Thanks to its pixelated graphics, Minecraft players will feel a sense of familiarity with this Royale game. The game is pretty straightforward with a total of 30 weapons that can be customized according to your requirements. 

Most importantly, the game features an auto-fire function so players can focus on aiming instead of tapping the fire button. Nevertheless, Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is one of the best FreeFire alternatives for children. 

Pros Cons
Pixelated Design Not Suitable for Adults
Suitable for Kids Bugs and Glitches
Auto-fire function

Final Words

After the ban on PUBG, the popularity of FreeFire soared. However, the game was also banned after a short while and the gamers were left with no alternatives. We have handpicked the games like FreeFire with similar gameplay and features that can replace Garena FreeFire on your smartphone. If you are also interested in investing in the mobile game market, you can develop a Battle Royale game like FreeFire by contacting a Mobile Game Development Company.  

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