How to Change My Linksys Router Password?

For an easy setup process, every WiFi router launched by Linksys comes with the default password “admin”. It means, that by using this very password, an unauthorized user can easily get into the network settings of your router and manipulate it. Since you are reading this post, we are assuming that you do not want this to happen with your WiFi router., Considering the entire scenario, it is necessary to change the Linksys router password.

Given in this write-up are the easy-to-follow instructions using which you can assign a new admin password to your WiFi router after completing the Linksys setup.

Steps to Change Linksys Router Password

1. Create Hardwired Connections

The process of changing the admin password of a Linksys wireless router starts with connection creation. For this purpose, you’ll need a pair of LAN cables. Use the first cable to connect the router’s Internet port to the modem’s LAN1 port whereas the second cable should be connected to the router’s LAN port and your computer’s Ethernet port. Make sure that none of these cables are damaged and that you are creating a stable and secure connection.

2. Switch On the Devices

After the connection process is done, you must switch on the devices involved now. Firstly, turn on your modem, then the Linksys router, and after that your computer. However, we advise you not to rush. Consider waiting for the power LED on one light to gain some stability before switching on the other. Otherwise, there is a possibility that a network glitch will occur and you will not be able to change the Linksys router password.

3. Visit myrouter.local or

As soon as all devices become ready to use, consider opening an internet browser on the computer. Thereafter, locate the address bar and type the default URL of your WiFi router. If you are using a smart WiFi router, will work for you. Otherwise, you are supposed to use myrouter.local. However, you can always use the default IP address of the router instead of web addresses. To know about their values, check the router’s label or the user manual.

4. Log in to Linksys Router

You will now find yourself on the admin portal of the WiFi router. Here, you are supposed to enter the default password i.e. admin into the Access Router field. Know that the default password of the router is case-sensitive and it must be entered in the lowercase only. You can avoid unnecessary capitalization of characters by turning off the Caps Lock option on the keyboard. After entering the password, click the Log in button to get redirected to the Linksys router setup wizard.

5. Change the Linksys Router Default Password

On the dashboard or the BASIC Home screen of your Linksys wireless router, click the Administration tab. You will see two fields named Router Password and Re-enter to Confirm. Then You are supposed to enter the new password of your WiFi router in both of these fields. You can create a combination of letters, digits, and special characters. The password must be long enough and should be different from those you use to access your social media accounts. And, above all, it should be difficult to guess. Lastly, click Save Settings and hit Continue.

After the router gets a new password, you will get logged out of it and you need to log in to it again using the new admin password to check its workability. In case the password does not work, then we suggest you erase the cache and cookies of the web browser you are using. It is because cache and cookies force a web browser to use those details that were previously used on the website.

Summing Up

Now, it is time to wrap up the post written to change the password of your Linksys router. We hope that you’ve had success with the process and your router is now running on a new admin password. Just in case you face any issues while changing the password of your wireless router, we advise you to upgrade the internet browser you are using no matter whether it is Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

Well, changing the router’s password was about improving its security. In case you are still scared that someone is going to access your WiFi router and manipulate its settings, consider upgrading its firmware regularly. Apart from this, change its WiFi password every 3 months.

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