Alhamdulillah, you’ve finally signed up for your first Umrah and are excited! Let me share with you some insights from my journey, but let me start by saying that every Umrah journey has been fulfilling, rewarding, and incredibly emotional in its own right. It.

There will be things you’ve learned before taking a trip – from your family, friends, and our good old comrade in the World Wide Web. But one thing is for sure; No amount of training can prepare you for your trip to the Holy Land. You have to experience it for yourself to believe it! Look at our Umrah packages 2023.


Umrah requires a lot of physical effort and can tire your body since you will walk a lot. (The bracelet on your Fitbit will be worth it ). In Makkah, you will walk from your respective hotels to Masjidil Haram (Sacred Mosque) for each Fardhu (prayer), both walking and doing tawaf, while walking while performing sa’i (prayer) ceremonial walk), while paddling inside Masjidil Haram and of course also walking when you buy souvenirs.

Tawaf can be between 1.4 km and 4.1 km long, depending on the crowd and the stage on which it is performed, while the Sa’iee between the hills of Safa and Marwah is about 2.8 km.

If you leave with only one piece of luggage and one item to carry, you will inevitably find your luggage “splattering” in other pockets at the end of your trip. This is because you’ll bring all that extra baggage between Makkah, Madinah, and airports. Look at our Umrah packages 2023.


Record the exact time you will depart for your Umrah trip. Dress lightly if you’re going in the “summer” season, and dress more boldly for the “winter” season. Summer (May to October) temperatures range from 28 to 45 degrees Celsius, while winter temperatures (December to February) range from 17 to 33 degrees Celsius. There are different types of Ihram for these two seasons, so look for the right ones.

Invest in good comfortable shoes. It’s generally not a good idea to buy a new pair of shoes because they take time to put on. However, if you need the right shoes, buy a pair in advance and wear them while walking or exercising so you can get used to them. Look at our Umrah packages 2023 when you’re in Ihram, the ankle and front part of the foot should be exposed. Therefore, a pair of flat, soft sandals or slippers are recommended—ideal for going to and from the mosque and much easier to hold and carry.


You have common supplies ready, like unscented soap, moisturizer, and wet wipes. If you need more time to return to the cleaning area, the spray bottle comes in handy for cleaning. Where is this baptistery, you ask? It is located just behind the entrance to the mosque, located outside. Good for a walk, but only if you haven’t timed your steps for the day

A portable or manual fan (kipas satay) can work great for heat management in terms of technology management, plan for mobile phone chargers, and international power adapters. Unless your devices run on solar power, you will cry because all those high-tech gadgets can’t be charged. On the bright side, you now have more handy clipboards.

Last, medical preparation should be top of any traveler’s list. Illness or injury can cause a lot of grief and inconvenience during your trip. In addition, a basic first aid kit is required for allergies, pain relief, anti-diarrhea or digestive problems.

You can buy popular drugs at local pharmacies but can only sometimes find the same ones there. Sometimes these prescriptions are also written in a foreign language that you may be unable to decipher. Google Translate is useful as long as your phone is charged.  Look at our Umrah packages 2023.


It’s comforting to know that everyone there speaks some English. They also speak many other languages due to their exposure to different cultures worldwide.

This should be enough to get the basic message across, but if you want to ask for directions, I recommend asking some people so you don’t get translated. The phenomenon of “chicken talking to duck” will have many chances to happen. Just be in the mood for everything, and remember to smile and wave at the end. Look at our Umrah packages 2023.


Get ready to learn more about the Arab way of life there. They usually nap and are more active at night, especially in winter. This is why many stores open late in the afternoon. Stores also operate longer on weekends, which fall on Fridays and Saturdays.

While we’re used to queuing, the concept might gain little traction there. Expect long lines, jostling, and jostling during your stay. Stay focused; answer graciously while considering your purpose there. Allah sees everything, and He rewards our grace and kindness. Look at our Umrah packages 2023.

What not to do before, during and after Umrah

The main reason for your Umrah is to spend time with Allah. Worship him, praise him, visit the places where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and pray at his mosque. So keep these reasons in mind and follow this easy guide to Umrah to ensure your safety and well-being.  Look at our Umrah packages 2023.

  1. Do your best not to leave fatigue before your trip.
  2. Don’t buy too much. It’s nice to buy souvenirs for family and friends when you return home, but don’t waste your time shopping because that time is occupied by other things.
  3. Do not touch, push, or push other people to reach Al Kaaba or the Black Stone. It is more important to unite and avoid trouble.
  4. Do not leave the group at any time. Always have a card with the manager’s contact information, information and hotel information in case you get lost.
  5. Don’t let anything distract you. From cleanliness to long wait times, many expressed disappointment with the status quo. If you focus on Allah instead of your situation, you will soon feel better.

Finally, always keep this Umrah guide handy. Always be there with your heart and mind and remember that the main purpose of your journey is to get closer to Allah. It means no personal gain. So be patient and help others and you will have an unforgettable time, Insha’allah. Look at our Umrah packages 2023.


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