Press Release Submission Sites List

Press release submission sites provide businesses with an effective method of reaching journalists with news. By offering distribution services, these platforms enable businesses to increase media coverage while driving visitors directly to their website.

Premium PR sites feature wider syndication networks and greater credibility than free ones, as well as more in-depth analytics and options for targeting specific audiences.


Free press release submission sites provide an effective means of disseminating news about your business to a wide audience, earning backlinks and increasing organic search traffic to your website. However, it should be remembered that using such websites should only ever form part of an overall PR strategy plan.

Some of the more widely-used free press release submission sites include:

PR Newswire by Cision – PR Newswire by Cision is one of the oldest and most reliable press release distribution services online, providing national and international coverage at an economical cost. Their customizable service also features social media distribution options as well as SEO-optimized titles and metadata to give their service an edge.

PR Newswire only permits press releases to remain online for three months; however, paid options offer longer live times and additional features. IssueWire offers both basic free packages as well as more tailored paid plans which offer increased customization options.

PR Log offers a more basic interface, yet still provides several key benefits, such as links and industry tags. Finally, 1888PressRelease offers limited free plans with the option of upgrading for more comprehensive packages.


Press releases are an effective way of sharing news with journalists and reporters, while simultaneously driving traffic and awareness back to your website. However, not all press release submission sites provide equal services: some provide free distribution while others may charge fees.

Paid press release submission sites distribute your release to an extensive network of media outlets and journalists, while providing additional services like media monitoring and analytics tracking. Some industry-specific sites allow you to target specific groups of journalists and media outlets with your release.

When choosing a paid press release submission site, be sure to select one which provides the best value for your money. Consider sites with high page ranks and domain authority (DA), as well as acceptance of industry-related keywords and easy navigation and mobile-friendliness as priorities when making a selection decision.

There are plenty of free press release submission sites online, but these tend to have limited distribution channels and often get overused, which could result in your press release ending up in someone’s spam folder or ignored altogether. Paid submission sites usually provide more flexibility when it comes to distribution channels and may offer other services like media monitoring and analytics tracking.


Submitting press releases through premium press release sites is an excellent way for small businesses and individuals to reach journalists, bloggers, and media outlets with news about their announcements or news items. While such sites can provide cost-effective and efficient outreach options, it’s essential that before selecting one you take into consideration your personal goals and the type of news being spread before selecting an ideal site.

When selecting a premium press release distribution service, be sure to consider their network size and whether they provide the coverage that meets your needs. In general, paid services typically have larger networks than free ones and may offer more comprehensive services; they should also have clear pricing systems and provide analytics which allow you to see how effective your campaign really is.

Some premium press release sites offer customizable subscription packages tailored specifically to specific industries and needs. Some will prioritize sending your press release out locally while others focus more on digital channels and national publications; still others provide social media monitoring and SEO optimization services.

Best Press Release Submission Sites List

Press releases are one of the best off-page SEO techniques that can help businesses build brand recognition and generate backlinks while simultaneously increasing search engine visibility by disseminating newsworthy information to a variety of sources. However, choosing the ideal press release submission website depends on your company’s goals and needs; some offer free distribution while others charge fees for additional features and services provided.

Press release submission sites allow you to submit newsworthy announcements about your company and share them with journalists and media outlets. While press release submission services offer an effective way of raising brand awareness and marketing your business, be wary of overusing them: journalists may become inundated with press releases from multiple sources and poorly written or irrelevant ones may harm your reputation.

Some of the top PR submission sites provide a range of services, from analytics tracking and media monitoring, customization options and writing services – some even offer writing services at additional costs – making your choice of site dependent upon your goals and budget; paid sites typically provide wider distribution networks and additional features while free press release submission sites typically have smaller syndication networks and may not offer dofollow links. No matter which one you decide on, be sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly prior to submitting your release.

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