Shaggy rug – natural or synthetic?

Do you dream of a soft carpet on which you will be happy to put your tired feet, providing them with maximum comfort and enveloping warmth? The answer is a shaggy rug! It is a perfectly soft and fluffy rug that perfectly fits into a cosy bedroom, a spacious living room or a child’s room, and even … a bathroom! In addition to the visible to the naked eye advantages (already mentioned: softness and fluffiness!),  the shaggy rug is excellent thermal insulation and effectively dampens noise (primarily those resulting from walking on the panels). It’s time to analyze the long-pile carpets available on the market! You can choose from the highest quality shaggy artificial and natural fibre rugs.

Shaggy rug made of artificial fibres – advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to advanced technologies and increasingly easy access to the latest solutions in the field of production and use of synthetic fibres in home textiles (and not only!) – a modern man can enjoy a wide selection of excellent quality carpets made of artificial fibres. The market includes, among others, polypropylene and polyamide carpets, polyester and viscose carpets and acrylic carpets. Their great advantage is expressive colours and patterns, above-average durability and resistance to mechanical damage (abrasion or creasing), ease of keeping them clean and their anti-allergic and antistatic properties.

The undoubted advantage of synthetic fibre hairdos is their affordable price and good value for money. Shaggy rugs made of synthetic fibres are cheaper than woollen rugs. At the same time, they perfectly imitate them (polyamide rugs are unparalleled in this category) and provide a similar feeling: softness and warmth for the feet. Synthetic shaggy rugs are perfect for homes inhabited by allergy sufferers – they can be dry and wet cleaned and do not absorb moisture, thanks to which mites and mould do not nest in their fleece. In addition, synthetic shaggy hats are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, which allows them to be optimally matched to any arrangement.

Shaggy polypropylene rug

Polypropylene shaggy rugs have been an investment for years. Polypropylene hair pads guarantee excellent user experience, e.g. softness and thermal comfort, but also the durability of colours and patterns, durability and resistance to mechanical damage or typical household accidents (e.g. spilt drinks). A pile polypropylene rug will be perfect for every room of our house: from the living room and bedroom, through the children’s room, to the bathroom!

Polyester shaggy rug

Thanks to the possibility of processing polyester in many different ways. It is possible to obtain fibres imitating, e.g. shiny silk thread or shaggy wool. Polyester fibres’ advantages are non-hygroscopicity (they do not absorb moisture!), total resistance to stains, and elasticity and creases. Polyester shaggy rugs, especially those with shiny fleece, will perfectly fit into interiors decorated in glamour or classic modern style. Vivid, non-fading colours and durable patterns will make such a rug pleasing to the eye for many years of use.

Shaggy polyamide rug

Polyamide is similar to polypropylene – it is resistant to abrasion, easy to keep clean and suitable for allergy sufferers. The elastic fleece of the polyamide carpet retains its shape and does not deform even during intensive use. E.g. in a children’s room during the so-called. Floor games. The feature that distinguishes polyamide shaggy rugs is its perfect softness. As close as possible to the softness of natural wool rugs.

Viscose shaggy rug

Viscose is a synthetic material created while processing cellulose obtained from various types of trees. Shaggy rugs made of viscose are high-quality products characterized by a very elegant appearance and excellent performance parameters. The viscose shaggy to the touch usually resembles delicate silk – so it is slippery, and to the touch, it can give the impression of being wet. However, fans of expressive and durable colours and patterns continue! In addition, viscose rugs are light (we can quickly move them, regardless of their size) and resistant to dust and dirt. Due to the connotations of viscose with a natural wood-based material – viscose shaggy rugs are not the best choice for allergy sufferers.

Natural fibre shaggy rug – advantages and disadvantages

Natural fibre rugs are classics that always stay in style. These products perfectly fit into the premium products category and can successfully fit into the elegant interiors of modern homes, both those decorated in a modern style and those referring to the classic style (also in the modern classic edition). Shaggy rugs made of natural fibres are primarily wool, cotton and silk rugs. The great advantage of natural long-pile wool carpets is moisture absorption in the room.

Carpets made of natural fibres are usually less resistant to damage and discolouration than carpets made of synthetic fibres. The damp environment of a wool shaggy rug is the perfect environment for dust mites and carpet moths and beetles (yes, they are!). The disadvantage of natural shaggy rugs may also be their price. The highest quality woollen or silk shag can be several times more expensive than the synthetic equivalent (in the same shape, size, and comparable colour). On the other hand, buying a cheap natural-pile rug from an unproven manufacturer is associated with a huge risk of buying a dud. Whose fleece will soon begin to crumble and crumble, wipe, or discolour?

Shaggy wool rug

Wool is a high-quality natural fibre obtained from the coat (i.e. hair) of animals, most often sheep, llamas and camels. To create excellent shaggy rugs, mainly sheep’s wool, called fleece, is used. Wools made of natural wool are carpets considered exclusive. They perfectly fit into the elegant arrangements of modern houses and apartments. Their high price and excellent performance parameters: include unparalleled softness and fluffiness and effective thermal and acoustic insulation. Wool rugs are also relatively resistant to dirt and mechanical damage (including bruising or wiping).  It absorbs moisture, thus creating an environment suitable for living, e.g. by mites.

Cotton shaggy rug

Cotton shaggy rugs are soft-to-the-touch products that add charm to various arrangements. Depending on the type of carpet and the possibilities of keeping it clean (some small-size cotton carpets are machine washable!) . They can be perfect in a child’s room or a bathroom (except for situations where household members are allergic!). The downside is their poor resistance to mechanical damage and stains.


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