Your Ultimate Umrah Performing Checklist


Many items are needed during the trip to Umrah in the house of Allah. However, only some people can clearly and fully understand how to prepare and what to pack for Umrah. To help you make your Umrah essentials list, here’s a quick Umrah guide checklist of essentials that will make your experience memorable and comfortable. Take a look at Umrah packages for 2023 as per your needs.

Mentally prepare

Umrah is a spiritual journey; to complete it with full dedication, you must mentally prepare yourself. It involves everything from purifying your intentions to seeking Allah’s help for the journey and seeking forgiveness from Allah and those you may have hurt. You will also visit Rauza of the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) in Madinah, so you want to do it with a sincere heart. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

Fulfill your intention

Guide on preparing for Umrah Your basic intention is the most important thing for your journey to Umrah or Hajj. It should be done only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT), not to impress others, escape from busy office work, or go on vacation.

Unless it’s extremely important (work could be affected, for example), keep others from knowing you’re going Umrah, and don’t share social media updates, such as content posts. means “travel to Mecca” or “journey to Medina.”‘ Your act of worship should be between you and your Lord.

It is customary to hold a party after returning from Hajj or Umrah. But, again, there may be an implicit intention to please or impress others with this action. Don’t do that.

Before and during your Umrah trip, always ask yourself why you spend your time, money, and effort on the trip. Regularly reinforcing your intention to please Allah (SWT) will help you stay strong and maintain a close relationship with your Lord. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

Seek forgiveness

Part of your spiritual preparation for Umrah is to seek repentance for all your sins, great and small. There are four conditions for repentance, including:

  • I am feeling remorse and remorse for past sins. Promise to stay away from past sins.
  • If depriving others of rights such as money is a crime, they must compensate them for damage.
  • You must meet the above criteria to ensure your repentance is meaningful.

While it is also acceptable to seek forgiveness in your heart, we recommend that you follow these steps to repent before going to Mecca and Medina to pray Umrah:


Do Wudhu or Ghusl.


Gain two rak’ah salah of repentance.


Perform a dua and ask for forgiveness with extreme humility and submission. Sincerely repent of all the big and small sins committed in the past. Try your best to cry while bowing to Allah. If you don’t want to cry, at least pretend to cry.

Once you have sought repentance with Allah (SWT), make an honest effort to ask forgiveness from those you may have hurt in any way, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. As for your obligations to Huqooq-ul-Ibaad, make a concerted effort to compensate anyone whose rights you may have violated at some point. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

  1. Travel documents

Keep them on top while packing Umrah essentials. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

Important travel documents include:

  1. Passport and its copy
  2. Passport
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Certificate of vaccination
  5. Copy of hotel reservation confirmation
  6. Payment receipt for Umrah
  7. Passport size photo
  8. Parental Certificate (if you are traveling with your spouse)
  9. Saudi Riyals
  10. Debit Credit Card
  11. travel itinerary
  12. Emergency contact number

    2. The essence of prayer for Umrah

Clothes and shoes for important ceremonies

Ihram is the dress for the Umrah pilgrimage, so packing the right clothes is one of the most important things to do before the trip begins. Ihram is two pieces of plain white fabric without stitches for men and women. Women are also allowed to wear casual clothes covering their entire body, exposing only their hands and face.

When planning the Umrah pilgrimage, packing a pocket Quran is also important. This is because one can easily read holy books in one’s spare time. In addition, several pocketbooks contain prayers from the Quran and Sunnah, which can be read during the trip. Also, by changing flights or moving from place to place, pilgrims can occupy themselves in Dhikr:

In remembrance of Allah, this makes wrapping Tasbeeh beads extremely important. Other Umrah essentials include a prayer mat, a compass for Qibla, and an Umrah guide. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

       3.  Clothing and accessories :

Choose them based on travel time and weather

People come to Makkah to perform Umrah from different parts of the world. Typically, this includes long air and road trips that can be tiring. Therefore, it is important to wear and pack light and comfortable clothes. Another important factor to consider is the weather in Makkah. Although Mecca is the hottest of the year, it’s important to pack and prepare depending on the month of travel. Choose light colors and breathable fabrics that won’t irritate your skin even in the scorching heat.


There are other essentials for Umrah for women, including:

  • Five to ten lightweight and breathable hijabs
  • Hijab under the hat
  • hijab pins
  • hair accessories
  • sock
  • Shorts or light clothing to wear under an abaya
  • light pajamas
  • Anti blister patch
  1. Basic first aid kit:

Basic medicines and first aid supplies are also important items on Umrah’s list of essentials. These include cold and flu medicine, pain relievers, motion sickness pills, cough syrup/throat lozenges, diarrhea tablets, bandages, unscented sunscreen, cotton balls, antiseptic creams, muscle pain creams, oral rehydration salts, and antibiotics. In addition, according to COVID-19 prevention guidelines, bring a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.

  1. Essential for self-care:

Daily Supplies for Umrah Trip. Personal care products can include everything from essential hygiene products to makeup products. They may include:

  • Towels big and small
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (Unscented for Ihram)
  • Fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Unscented soap (in a bar or liquid form)
  • pocket square
  • Fragrance-free wet wipes for Ihram
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hairbrush/comb (for use outside of Ihram state only)
  • antiperspirant
  • small mirror
  • Nail scissors
  • small scissors
  • Razor or shaver
  • sanitary napkin
  • Unscented moisturizer or cream
  • Toilet bag
  • awake
  • Notebook and pen
  1. Electronic :

A few gadgets you’ll need on the go

Carrying a smartphone is important to the Umrah journey as it helps pilgrims stay in touch with family and friends. However, before starting the journey, it is important to ensure the phone is unlocked. You should also buy a local SIM card at the earliest. Other essentials to pack it are a universal travel adapter, mobile phone charger, power bank, tablet or tablet, earphones/headphones, watch, and lamp battery.

Umrah is a major religious journey in Islam that should be conducted sincerely. Therefore, take all necessary items and prepare for the trip. One can get help from the online guides and websites of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to get updates on the latest Umrah circulars and dates. Take a look at our Umrah packages for 2023.


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